After fixing a couple of authentication bugs with Set-DnsRecord and New-DnsRecord I decided to make an attempt to finish off some of the zone and server CmdLets.

The module now contains these additional CmdLets.

  • Refresh-DnsZone – Implements the ForceRefresh method for Secondary Zones
  • Reload-ADDnsZone – Implements the UpdateFromDS method for AD Integrated Zones
  • Reload-DnsZone
  • Reset-DnsZoneType – Implements the ChangeZoneType method
  • Resume-DnsZone
  • Set-DnsZoneTransfer – Implements the ResetSecondaries method
  • Start-DnsScavenging
  • Start-DnsService
  • Stop-DnsService
  • Suspend-DnsZone – Implements the Pause method
  • Update-DnsZoneFile

As usual, the module can be downloaded from