Indented.Tfs is a set of CmdLets used to manage Team Foundation Server workspaces and projects.

These CmdLets are used to manage my own PowerShell projects.


  • Your execution policy must be set to a minimum of AllSigned, Indented.Tfs is signed.
  • Team Explorer 2013
  • A minimum of PowerShell 3.0; The module has also been tested under PowerShell 4.0.


Automatic installation

The following command from Indented.Common may be used to download and install or update Indented.Tfs.

Manual installation

The automatic installer executes these steps on your behalf.

  1. Create the folder LibrariesDocumentsWindowsPowerShellModules (Documents will exist, all other folders may need to be created).
  2. Download Indented.Tfs.
  3. Extract the folder in the zip file to LibrariesDocumentsWindowsPowerShellModules.
  4. Execute the command below to verify the module is now installed.


  • 1.6 – Compare-TfsProjectItems: Rewrote comparison algorithm.
  • 1.5 – Signed module files.
  • 1.4 – Compare-TfsProjectItems: Added.

Module commands

Exported commands

CmdLet Category Description
Connect-TfsServer Server management Connect to a Team Foundation version control server.
Get-TfsServer Server management Get the connected server which was created using Connect-TfsServer.
Connect-TfsWorkspace Workspace management Connects to a Team Foundation server version control workspace on the local machine.
Get-TfsWorkingFolder Workspace management Get a list of mapped projects from the connected workspace.
Get-TfsWorkspace Workspace management Get the connected workspace which was created using Connect-TfsWorkspace.
New-TfsWorkspace Workspace management
Remove-TfsWorkingFolder Workspace management Remove an existing WorkingFolder from the connected workspace.
Update-TfsWorkspaceItems Workspace management Update all local items with the latest version from the Team Foundation version control server.
Compare-TfsProjectItems Project management Compare item listings between the TFS project and the local workspace.
Get-TfsProject Project management Gets a list of projects from a connected Team Foundation version control server.
New-TfsProject Project management Create a new Team Foundation version control project.
Remove-TfsProject Project management Removes a project from the Team Foundation version control server.
Add-TfsItem Item management Add a new item to an existing project.
Edit-TfsItem Item management Edit an item within a project (check-out).
Get-TfsItem Item management Get all items stored on a Team Foundation version control server.
Get-TfsPendingChange Item management Get all pending changes associated with the connected workspace.
Remove-TfsItem Item management Removes an item from the Team Foundation version control server.
Update-TfsItem Item management Updates items from pending changes on a Team Foundation version control server (check-in).

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