Indented.GPG is a wrapper for the GPG4Win command line, enabling pipeline processing and simplified bulk operations.


  • Your execution policy must be set to a minimum of AllSigned, Indented.GPG is signed.
  • GPG4Win light or full (requires GnuPG and GPA components only)
  • A minimum of PowerShell 3.0; The module has also been tested under PowerShell 4.0.


Automatic installation

The following command from Indented.Common may be used to download and install or update Indented.GPG.

Manual installation

The automatic installer executes these steps on your behalf.

  1. Create the folder LibrariesDocumentsWindowsPowerShellModules (Documents will exist, all other folders may need to be created).
  2. Download Indented.GPG.
  3. Extract the folder in the zip file to LibrariesDocumentsWindowsPowerShellModules.
  4. Execute the command below to verify the module is now installed.


  • 1.5 – Signed module files.

Module commands

Exported commands

CmdLet Category Description
Set-SessionKey Passphrase management Set and store a passphrase for a key.
Get-Key Keyring management Get keys stored on a GPG keyring.
Import-Key Keyring management Import a public key into to the keyring from a file.
Export-Key Keyring management Exports a key to an ASCII Armour file.
Remove-Key Keyring management Remove a key from the GPG keyring.
Protect-Key Keyring management Protect-Key is used to add a signature to a public key.
Protect-File File management Protect a file by encrypting the content.
Unprotect-File File management Unprotects, or decrypts, the specified file.

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