I bumped into Zabbix again recently and needed to put together a few templates to improve the monitoring for a few of the Microsoft systems. It could be just me, but it seems hard to find reasonable (up to date) templates.

I thought I might share the templates I made (tested under Zabbix 2.0.7).

Before going any further: Each of the templates is saved with a .txt extension (file.xml.txt) which will need stripping before you can import it into Zabbix.

The following templates capture a small number of performance counters along with service state.

Exchange 2010 received a little more attention. The templates below are based on the counters and thresholds documented by Microsoft in their Performance and Scalability Counters and Thresholds page. I haven’t implemented every single one, I was a bit picky when it came to the very long lists and went for things I considered interesting.

These templates are designed to stack on top of one another; add templates as appropriate for each role your server runs.

I have not included counters for processor, disk, and so on. Operating system templates should, hopefully, capture those without duplicating them here.


  1. Thanks for spending the time to share these. Without people like you we’d be wasting years of our lives on IT rather than living.



  2. Everton Bruno Bernardi

    Thanks for sharing these templates. Awesome piece of work here..


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