I’ve been migrating our Office Communications Server to Lync over the last few days. Last night I started looking at the client policies.

The intention is that we use the in-band-provisioning, which is great, and you’ll find a nice article on Elan Shudnow’s blog.

The client also ships with a group policy template (on retail disk or downloaded from volume licensing) a small number of lines need to be changed as it contains errors.

These existing entries, found under the [Strings] section.

Should be replaced with the these modified entries:

These variables are referenced in the !!PolicyGalUseCompactDeltaFile policy (line 311 by default).

In addition to these changes, I felt compelled to rename the file to Lync.adm. Otherwise it removes my existing policy template for Communicator 2007 R2, losing access to a number of important policies (such as a definable peer-to-peer port range). Not a good thing to happen in the middle of a migration.

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